South Korean intelligence confirms use of North Korean grenade launchers by Hamas

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) confirmed today that the Islamist group Hamas used its North Korean-made anti-tank grenade launcher, although Pyongyang has denied doing business with the organization’s armed wing.

A NIS spokesperson consulted by Yonhap Agency on Friday accepted information from Voice of America (VOA) that the fuze or detonator of a missile – apparently an F-7 – recently used by Hamas shows Korean characters and provided photographic evidence that these types of parts are actually mounted directly under the head of the regime-manufactured F-7.

The F-7 is a highly explosive fragmentation missile of North Korea, designed to be fired from a launch vehicle based on the Soviet RPG-7 anti-tank missile system.

The source mentioned above added that NIS is collecting more detailed evidence of alleged arms shipments from North Korea to Hamas, from quantity to date of shipment.

In October, the South Korean military said it had such suspicions: North Korea may have directly or indirectly supplied weapons to Hamas after analyzing the militia’s October 7 attacks on Israel.

The NIS itself also said in November that it had received evidence of direct instructions from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to provide arms assistance to anti-Israel organizations.

The North Korean regime has publicly denied any ties to Hamas and has described information suggesting otherwise as Washington-sponsored rumors.

Source: La Neta Neta