A girl was raped in the metaverse: what happens now?

A girl was allegedly raped in the Metaverse. British police are investigating the sexual assault of a minor (details of which have not been released) in what is said to be the first investigation of its kind in the UK. It was reported that while the girl was wearing a virtual reality headset and playing the game, her avatar was sexually assaulted by several other virtual characters.

Was it really rape? When we compare the cases that occur in the virtual world with the cases that occur in reality, the following question arises. This issue was brought up in a New York tabloid newspaper in 1993. Village Voice Julian Dibbell published an article on “rape in cyberspace,” describing how the people behind avatars being sexually assaulted in a virtual community experience emotions similar to those experienced by real-life rape victims.

The same would happen to the girl whose avatar was attacked in the metaverse. A British police official investigating the incident said: daily mail “There is an emotional and psychological impact on the victim that is more permanent than any physical injury.” Moreover, the immersive quality of the metaverse experience makes it even more difficult, especially for a child, to distinguish what is real and what is not.

The legal framework of the issue is still very poorly defined. It is not known exactly what game the child was playing when the alleged attack took place. But as one researcher told the Daily Mail, the metadata is already “rife” with sex crimes.

Source: Today IT