Donald Trump calls for Lloyd Austin to resign. What Biden responds

“The failed Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, should be fired immediately for professional misconduct and failure to discharge his duties.” Thus, Donald Trump enters directly into the case of the head of the Pentagon who, admitted to intensive care on January 1st due to complications from a routine operation carried out the previous week, for days did not communicate the news of his hospitalization to Joe Biden. “He has been missing for a week and no one, including his boss, con man Joe Biden, had any idea where he was or where he could be,” the former president added. The Pentagon announced Friday that Austin has been in the hospital since last Monday.

President Joe Biden is not considering firing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for not immediately notifying the White House that he was hospitalized. White House sources made this known, reports The Hill, after Donald Trump asked for the immediate dismissal of the general at the head of the Pentagon for “unprofessional conduct and failure to fulfill his duties”.

Source: IL Tempo