Israel, where “Hamas rifles, cartridges, flags” were found

The Israeli army discovered weapons in classrooms at the Islamic University of Gaza. The military spokesman announced that these included “AK-47 rifles, cartridges, ammunition, Hamas flags and safes containing terrorist funds.” In another operation in the University area, the military, according to what the same source reported, identified “dozens of weapons depots with around 100 mortars, ready-to-use explosives, grenades, combat equipment and maps used by Hamas”. terrorists.” “This – highlighted the military spokesman – is yet another example of Hamas’ exploitation of the population and civilian buildings, including educational institutions, for its terrorist activities.”

Meanwhile, in his meeting today in Tel Aviv with Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken highlighted “the importance of avoiding further civilian casualties and protecting civilian infrastructure in Gaza”. This is according to the State Department, which also suggests that the meeting discussed Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s proposal to prevent Palestinians from returning to their homes in northern Gaza until all hostages are released. Blinken and Netanyahu, the note says, “discussed ongoing efforts to secure the release of all hostages and the importance of increasing the level of humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza.”

Source: IL Tempo