4-year-old son died in his suitcase: Known manager arrested

He allegedly strangled his four-year-old son in a house in the Indian state of Goa and then tried to escape to Bangalore by hiding the child’s body in a suitcase. Suchana Seth, a prominent executive who heads ‘The Mindful AI Lab’ in Bangalore, an artificial intelligence startup, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. While the woman was returning home in a taxi, she was stopped by the Karnataka State police. During the baggage check, the officers noticed something unusual in the bag and when it was opened, they found the lifeless body of the little boy.

He had his dead son in his suitcase: He was arrested

Dr. Administrative officer of Hiriyur Taluk hospital, who conducted the first autopsy examination on the body. As confirmed by Kumar Naik, the child died due to suffocation: “The child probably died by asphyxiation with a cloth or a soda pillow, but not with the hand. Death occurred over 36 hours, but we have not yet determined the exact time of death. There were no wounds, blows or blows on his body.” “There were no signs of assault.” According to reports in the Indian media, after killing his son Suchana Seth, he tried to commit suicide by cutting his left wrist. However, when the 39-year-old man could not achieve his goal, he decided to return to Bangalore, carrying the body of the 4-year-old child in his suitcase.

“Grudge” towards the ex-husband: the reason that needs to be clarified

It is unclear what motivated the businesswoman to kill her son, but again, according to local newspapers, the woman acted “out of spite” towards her ex-husband in accordance with the court’s decision and did not allow him to meet with his son. couple’s divorce process. Suchana Seth was unhappy with the court’s decision to allow her now ex-husband to see the child every Sunday.

This may be one of the most reliable leads, but investigators are maintaining maximum secrecy regarding the case, as underlined by North Goa police chief Nidhin Valson: “The motive is not yet confirmed. We will issue new statements after the court order”. The husband of the woman reported by the police was in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the time of the crime.

Who is Suchana Seth?

Suchana Seth, a successful entrepreneur in India, is a renowned scientist and AI expert with 12 years of experience in leading science teams and startups. Thanks to her professional achievements, she was included in the list of the 100 brightest women in artificial intelligence ethics and holds a patent in the field of natural language processing. Her resume includes key roles at companies ranging from Data & Society to Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center to her research experience at the Raman Research Institute.

Source: Today IT