What about the Gaza Strip after the war? Netanyahu states ‘absolutely unequivocally’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel has no intention of permanently occupying the Gaza Strip or expelling civilians from Palestinian territory.

In a recording published on the X Platform on Wednesday evening, Netanyahu noted that the armed forces clashed with Hamas terrorists. At the same time, he tried to convince them that they were not fighting the Palestinian population. He also claimed that everything was done in accordance with international law.

Netanyahu: Israel has no intention of permanent occupation

Netanyahu recalled that the strategic goal of Israeli forces is “to clear Gaza of terrorists and release the hostages.” – Once this is done, the Gaza Strip will be able to be demilitarized and deradicalized, creating opportunities for a better future for both Israel and the Palestinians, the Israeli politician said. He emphasized that he says this “absolutely unequivocally”.

The US agency Reuters noted that for the first time, the Israeli prime minister took a public position that contradicted the calls of his “far-right ministers”, who called for the complete expulsion of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

Fox News, in turn, recalled that Netanyahu’s statement appeared at a time when the International Court of Justice is hearing a complaint filed by the Republic of South Africa accusing Israel of genocide.

The future of the Gaza Strip

Israeli Defense Minister Joaw Galant also announced a few days ago that the Gaza Strip will be managed by Palestinian institutions after the war with Hamas.

However, the politician determined that this would happen as long as it did not pose a threat to the Jewish state. Tel Aviv, as he said, “reserves the right to maintain operational freedom in the Gaza Strip.”

He added that the Israeli forces will maintain the ability to operate, but that there will be no Israeli “civilian presence” in the area.

Let us not forget that the vast majority of the victims of Israel’s campaign in the Gaza Strip are civilians. It is estimated that 90 percent of the Gaza Strip’s more than two million residents have had to leave their homes. The invasion was carried out in response to a massive terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7.

Source: Do Rzeczy