Switzerland, “massive espionage of the entire population”. Scandal 007

The Swiss population could be massively spied on by the secret services, which would also have access to messages and emails. This was revealed by Republik magazine, which denounced alleged “widespread espionage” thanks to the connection to cables and fibers from various operators that make it possible to decipher the exchanges of information that travel on the network. The investigation shows that Swiss 007 would also keep all the data for a possible “retroactive” investigation in order to be able to prosecute any online crimes before the entry into force of the federal intelligence law, which dates back to 2016.

The secret services denied the reconstruction, claiming that all their activities are subject to “severe” control by the various bodies. This year, 66.5% of Swiss people approved in a referendum the current law on the matter, which aimed to increase the capacity of the secret services to spy on citizens, in order to reinforce the fight against terrorism and increase security. When the federal law was passed, authorities guaranteed that 007 would only penetrate certain computers “provided that all conditions were met.” And now the scandal has broken.

Source: IL Tempo