Red Sea, huge damage to the Houthis. “30%”, the analysis that destroys the rebels

Last night, new attacks on the Yemeni port city of Hodeida followed rocket launches by the Houthis. A military source close to the rebel group told AFP that “the site from which a Houthi rocket was launched on the outskirts of Hodeida was hit”, which the agency said was confirmed by a police source. It is unclear whether the attack came from the sea or the air.

Meanwhile, U.S.-led strikes against the Houthis have destroyed about a quarter of the Iran-backed group’s missile and drone launch capabilities, according to the New York Times. Citing two US officials, the newspaper highlighted that 20-30% of the Houthis’ offensive capabilities were destroyed or damaged in the attacks, but that many of their weapons platforms are mobile and can be moved. Officials also said it has been difficult to identify Houthi targets after years in which the United States and allied intelligence agencies did not prioritize collecting such information.

Source: IL Tempo