Six bullets end the life of a young man who was at a picó dance in Soledad

Subjects on board a motorcycle were the perpetrators of the criminal attack that ended the life of 26-year-old Josepth Kenneth Rodríguez Muriel during events that took place in the early hours of this Sunday, January 14, in the Centenario neighborhood of Soledad.

A source, a witness to the event, told authorities that Rodríguez Muriel attended an event taking place in the area with a chook and that he apparently left around 1:00 in the morning to return home.

That moment was used by the criminals to follow the young man in the vehicle in question until they boarded him at 21st and 29th Streets. At that point, one of the occupants apparently shot the victim’s humanity six times. His body remained in the same place.

On the other hand, the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police indicated that Rodríguez Muriel had six court citations, three for theft and three for illegal possession of a firearm, all from the past few years.

Members of the Public Prosecution Service’s CTI were responsible for carrying out the procedure to remove the body. At the site they found six 9mm caliber projectile grenades and two ball heads. This material was collected to add evidence to the investigation.

Source: El heraldo