Brothers murdered with bullets in a house in the El Edén neighborhood

Two brothers, identified as Carlos and Luis Ricardo Julio, 55 and 47 years old respectively, were shot dead by a gunman on Sunday afternoon, January 14, during events that took place in a house in the El Edén neighborhood of El Edén. Southwestern city of Barranquilla.

This situation happened around 3:20 in the afternoon at 83C Street No. 35C – 02, while the victims were talking in the room.

Everything seems to indicate that the shooter took advantage of the fact that the door of the house remained open and that he could see the brothers from outside, so that he entered shooting indiscriminately.

One of the victims remained in the chair where he was resting, while the other fell elsewhere in the house as he tried to get to safety.

Police sources indicated that one of the motives for this double murder would be related to the issue of the commercialization of plots in the Suroccidente city of Barranquilla and in the municipality of Soledad.

Apparently, Carlos Ricardo Julio, a lawyer by profession, had recently had a confrontation over some plots of land located behind a well-known shopping center in the municipality of Soledad.

With the death of these two brothers, the number of murder cases committed under the guise of hitmen in Barranquilla and the metropolitan area has risen to twelve in the last 48 hours.

Source: El heraldo