Secret plans of the Bundeswehr have been leaked. Germany is preparing for war with Russia

The Bundeswehr has developed a training scenario that predicts that relations between NATO and Russia will soon escalate.

According to a secret German army document obtained by Bild journalists, NATO would send 300,000 troops. soldiers to the eastern flank.

According to the scenario, Russia could carry out a new mobilization in February 2024, enlisting 200,000 people in the army. people. “Moscow will then launch an offensive in Ukraine, which will be successful in June 2024 against the backdrop of declining aid to Kiev from the West,” we read.

‘NATO will decide to take deterrent measures’

In the event of escalation, the Bundeswehr plans to “put tens of thousands of soldiers on alert.” The training scenario does not provide specific figures and movements, but shows month by month how Russian leader Vladimir Putin might act, as well as how NATO will have to defend itself against Moscow’s actions.

The Kremlin would provoke aggressive behavior towards the Russian minority in the Baltic countries. This would lead to clashes, which would become a pretext for organizing the Zapad-2024 exercises in September 2024 with the participation of 50,000 people. soldiers in Western Russia and Belarus. “In October 2024, Russia will transfer troops and medium-range missiles to Kaliningrad to attack the Suwałki corridor, which connects Kaliningrad Oblast with Belarus through Lithuanian territory,” “Bild” reported.

The Bundeswehr’s scenario assumes that the Kremlin will deploy two armored divisions and a motorized rifle division in Belarus in early 2025, with a total of more than 70,000 troops. soldiers. Poland and the Baltic states will convene a NATO Council meeting and announce that they are at risk of attack by the Russian Federation. The North Atlantic Alliance will transfer almost 300,000 people to the eastern flank. military personnel, including 30 thousand soldiers of the German army. NATO will decide to take deterrent measures.

“Considering different scenarios, even extremely unlikely, is part of normal military activities,” the Bundeswehr management said in response to questions from Bild journalists.

Source: Do Rzeczy