Three men dead, a girl and an adult injured in the Soledad sector

Neighbors of the San Antonio neighborhoods, especially those of the El Bajito sector, as well as residents of the La Floresta and Pumarejo neighborhoods, all located in the same area of ​​Soledad, requested on Monday, January 15, an intervention from the police authorities after the series violent events that left three men dead and a girl and a woman injured.

“Bajito is hot.” A resident of the sector expressed this when referring to the serious crime situation that has occurred in the area, which left Karla Rodríguez Vargas, 29, and the girl Yorlenis Carrillo injured by a firearm projectile. old.

Both were at Carrera 13 and Calle 21 this Sunday, when around 7 a.m. two people on foot arrived on the scene and shot them.

Today, the two remain under medical observation at the Universidad del Norte hospital.

A few hours before that attack, Wilder Enrique Padilla Guerrero, 44, was murdered at Carrera 14 and Calle 20. His lifeless body was left in an alley between two houses. According to community information, this person was a schizophrenic patient.

Then came the murder of Yeison Manuel Sandoval Acosta, 27, an alleged member of ‘los Costeños’.

Apparently, this person had participated in the murder of a minor, in events that took place in August of the previous year.

And on Saturday the 13th, around 3:45 in the afternoon, Andrés Jesús Lugo Jiménez, 35 years old, and known by the alias El Pin, was murdered.

Source: El heraldo