Contaminated turkey warning: “Bacteria causing Listeriosis detected”

“Be careful if you bought a ready-to-cook turkey from a supermarket at the beginning of January, it may be subject to a mass recall”: An alarm was raised by the French government platform “Rappel Conso”, which reported the problems encountered in consumer products

The bacteria responsible for Listeriosis, a potentially serious foodborne infection, has been found in hundreds of products, especially for susceptible people such as pregnant women.

Rappel Conso’s website states that the products in question “were sold and purchased by numerous distributors between December 27, 2023 and January 8, 2024.” The list of manufacturers includes such well-known brands as “Maître Coq” and “Le Gaulois pro”.

The list of supermarkets that market the products is also long: Auchan, Intermarché, Cora, SuperU and various other independent outlets are just a few.

“Anyone who eats one of the mentioned products and develops a fever, either alone or accompanied by headache and pain, is invited to consult his doctor and inform him about the consumption,” the government platform warns, later providing information about the possibility of refunds. – If the product has not expired, it is guaranteed until the end of January.

Consumers just need to throw away the products or take them back to the supermarket and ask for a refund; However, many users complain on social media. Someone says that whoever buys the turkey “will have already eaten and digested it.”

The list of contaminated products also includes some types of sausages made from turkey meat.

Source: Today IT