Red Sea, Greek cargo hit by a missile: alarm signal off the coast of Yemen

A Greek cargo ship was hit by a missile in the southern Red Sea today. This was reported by British maritime security company Ambrey. “A Greek-owned, Maltese-flagged cargo ship was fired upon and hit by a missile while transiting the southern Red Sea heading north,” Ambrey said. A Yemeni maritime source confirmed that Ansar Allah forces, which are part of the Houthi rebels, attacked a new ship in the Red Sea on Tuesday. The British Maritime Trade Authority said it had received a report of an accident 100 nautical miles northwest of Saleef, Yemen. Meanwhile, the Japanese shipping company NYK has decided to temporarily suspend navigation in the Red Sea for all its ships, starting today. “We have ordered our ships near the Red Sea to wait in safe waters and we are evaluating the possibility of changing course,” he explains in a statement.

The 24-person crew of the stricken ship is in good health. The information was reported by a spokesperson for Vulcanis Technical Maritime Enterprises, the Piraeus-based company that owns the cargo ship, cited by the Ana-mpa agency. Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, and his French counterpart, Sèbastien Lecornu, held a videoconference meeting to discuss current topics. The two ministers, as stated in a statement from the Italian ministry, addressed the delicate situation in the Red Sea, highlighting a substantial identity of views and expressing the desire to give rapid impetus to a European mission in which non-EU countries that could also participate share the importance of free shipping and whose trade routes are threatened by Houthi terrorist attacks.

Source: IL Tempo