A gunshot in Malambo Park leaves children and adults in serious condition

On the night of Tuesday, January 16, a painful crime was committed in a park in the San Antonio neighborhood, in the municipality of Malambo, when an armed person approached the location and opened fire on an adult and a child who were playing. in the field of swings.

Witnesses said that around 6:30 p.m., the man walked behind the child riding a plastic tricycle and that right there, right where other minors were, the criminal fired the gun at both their bodies.

Soon, after committing the attack, the suspect blew up a fence and ran from the scene.

The community, shocked by what had happened, helped the injured and took them to the Campbell Clinic in the municipality. So far the version remains that both remain under a reserved forecast.

The victims are said to be father and son. So far their identity is unknown.

News in development…

Source: El heraldo