ISW: Putin is preparing for an escalation towards the Baltic countries

The Russian leader is said to be planning a tougher course towards the Baltic countries. ISW warns of escalation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has significantly intensified the Kremlin’s hostile actions that have been carried out for years and is paving the way for future escalation directed against the Baltic countries – warns in the latest analysis of the American Institute for the Study of War.

Analysts believe that Putin will likely do this as part of a broader effort to weaken NATO. On Tuesday, the Russian president said that Latvia and other Baltic states are expelling “ethnic Russians” from their countries and that this situation “directly affects Russia’s security.”

At the same time, ISW does not indicate that a Russian attack on the Baltic states is likely, but Putin could well prepare the way for Russia’s future aggressive actions abroad under the pretext of protecting his “countrymen.”

The media reports that Latvia may deport 1,167 Russian citizens who have not met the requirements arising from the amendment to the Immigration Act and who have not submitted the documents necessary to obtain a residence permit in the country.

The British minister directly warns of war. “The Beginning of a New World”

This is the end of the world considered the time “after the war”. The new era is the pre-war era, warns British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps. – We know that a significant number of these attacks come from Russia and China. Even mass migration can be cynically used against us as a weapon of war, as Poland, Norway and Finland have experienced, Shapps argued.

He said that “we are on the threshold of a new era.” – The Berlin Wall is a distant memory. The circle is round. We are confronted with a transition from the ‘post-war world’ to the ‘pre-war world’. We are waiting for the period of idealism to be replaced by a period of hard realism, the head of the British Ministry of Defense noted.

– Today our adversaries are urgently rebuilding their barriers. Old enemies come to life. New enemies take shape. War lines are being redrawn. Tanks are literally on the Ukrainian lawn of Europe. And the foundations of the world order are being seriously violated, he argued. According to him, we face a challenge: either give in to the sea of ​​problems, or do everything in our power to avert the danger. – I believe there is actually no choice. To guarantee our freedoms we must be prepared, Grant Shapps concluded, emphasizing the need to strengthen the various pillars of defense.

Source: Do Rzeczy