Ambulance hit the hole: The man who was declared dead by doctors woke up

A pothole on a rough road in India “resurrects” a man. According to local media reports, the hero of the story is 80-year-old patient Darshan Singh Brar, who doctors declared died after being hospitalized for several days. In reality, the old man was alive. His family, originally from Haryana, a federal state in northern India, narrated the incident in question.

Man who woke up after ambulance crashed into ditch dies

The old man’s family had hired a private ambulance to take him home, where they had prepared everything for cremation and burial, but something happened on the way. The vehicle hit a ditch and the man began to move his hand. Then the man’s nephew, who was in the ambulance, immediately asked to check his heartbeat: Even though the man remained unresponsive, there was still a heartbeat.

At this point the ambulance changed route and took the patient to another hospital; there they accepted him again. He is currently in intensive care and his condition is considered critical. Doctors said, “When he was brought to us, he was breathing, he had blood pressure and pulse. We do not know what happened in the other hospital, whether it was a technical error or something else.”

“When the hospital notified us, we notified our relatives and other residents who knew him – the man’s family said. We had all gathered to mourn his passing. A tent had been set up and food had also been prepared for the mourners and wood to burn.” Then came the “life-saving” hole.

Source: Today IT