Young Italians’ real concern is about jobs, not climate

It is far from reflecting concern: the main concern for Italians is work. The same applies to the youngest and is an almost unique situation in Europe. This is what a survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations (Ecfr) reveals.

five tribes

The survey was conducted in 11 European countries, in addition to ours, including Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Portugal, Estonia, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The aim of the consultation was to understand the impact on citizens of the “five big crises” that have hit Europe in recent years: the climate crisis, the global economic crisis, the migration crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. “These five crises have much in common: they were felt throughout Europe, albeit with different intensities; they were experienced by many Europeans as an existential threat: they significantly affected government policies and were by no means over.” Ekf.

Uncertain elections

The conclusion of the research is that the various crises, although affecting all Europeans, are felt differently by the continent’s citizens according to their country of residence and also according to their age group. Ivan Krastev and Mark Leonard, two political scientists who analyzed poll data, believe that the European elections in June 2024 will be uncertain for precisely these reasons. According to them, it is as if there are “five tribes” in Europe, and each has a concern that surpasses the other: Economy, climate and Covid are the crises that the European population feels the most, almost equally. Further afield, surprisingly, there is migration and the war in Ukraine.

Italian concerns

In the research, the only country where the immigration problem is felt the most is Germany (31%), while in Italy this rate is 10%, even below the European average (12%). The issue that worries citizens the most in our country is the economic crisis (34%, compared to the European average of 21%), followed by the climate crisis (21%), Covid (20%) and the aftermath of the above-mentioned migration crisis. War in Ukraine (7%).

However, the most striking are the data regarding young people. In countries such as Germany, France or the United Kingdom, around a third of under-29s report climate as their main concern (as is the case at European level for this age group). However, in Italy, 35% of those under the age of 29 express concerns about the economic situation. Climate change ranks second with 31%. Only 3% of young people are concerned about immigration.

Another interesting aspect of the survey results in our country is that the main source of concern for Italians, regardless of age group, continues to be the economic problem. It is an anxiety that starts from a very young age and grows with age, reaching its maximum (40%) in the 40-49 age group and gradually decreasing in older age groups.

The climate issue follows a diametrically opposite trend: it falls to its lowest point among forty-year-olds (12%) and then rises again among fifty-year-olds (17%) and especially among sixty-year-olds (26%). ). Those who are most concerned about the migration crisis are people over the age of 70.

In its survey, Ecfr also asked voters of the various Italian parties what the issues of greatest concern were: The main concern for voters of the Democratic Party (31% of the total) and M5 (25%) is the climate. . Those who are most concerned about the immigration issue are the voters of the League (22%) and Fratelli d’Italia (17%). But they also have more serious problems: The main concern for a third of supporters of both the Northern League and Giorgia Meloni’s party is again the economy.

Source: Today IT