US forces fired on Houthi targets in Yemen. It is a response to a new attack

The US and Britain carried out another attack on targets linked to the Houthi rebels in Yemen on Wednesday night.

Representatives of the US government informed about the action of the US Navy ships. It was the fourth attack of this nature in recent days. Both surface and underwater units participated.

As Reuters reported, the US command previously confirmed that a drone was launched from the area controlled by the Houthi and attacked the US shipowner’s ship “Genco Picardy” in the Gulf of Aden. The ship was slightly damaged and continues its journey.

The US responds with force

This was not the first recent Houthi attack. The American side indicates that the Houthis are trying to attack merchant ships, but also warships in the Red Sea, as an expression of support for the Palestinian Hamas in the war with Israel.

Houthi activities continue despite American and British bombings. Houthis military spokesman Yahiya Sarea said the militants will not hesitate to attack sources of threat in the Red and Arabian Seas and vowed to continue supporting the oppressed Palestinian people.

Let us not forget that the Red Sea is one of the busiest and most vital shipping lanes for the global economy.

Houthis included on the terrorist list

A number of groups in the Middle East have stepped up attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria after Israel launched its invasion of the Gaza Strip. Yemen’s Houthis have started shooting at merchant ships in the Red Sea that they believe are linked to Israel. In response, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed last December that the US and Britain would take actions, including military ones, to ensure security in the Red Sea.

“We have taken limited, necessary and proportionate self-defense actions with the US, with non-operational support from the Netherlands, Canada and Bahrain, … to weaken the Houthis’ military capabilities and protect global shipping,” British Prime Minister Rishi said. Sunak called on rebels to ‘stop the attacks and take steps to de-escalate’.

On Wednesday, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced that the United States has re-included the Houthis on its list of terrorist organizations that pose a global threat. In practice, this means the use of sanctions aimed at cutting off the rebels from their sources of financing.

Source: Do Rzeczy