“China hid Covid for two weeks.” The documents that arrest Beijing

Chinese researchers isolated and mapped the Covid-19 virus in late December 2019, at least two weeks before Beijing revealed its details to the world. This is what emerges from documents from the US Ministry of Health that are being examined by a committee of the House of Representatives and seen by the Wall Street Journal. This raises new questions about what China knew in the crucial early days of the pandemic.

Documents in US possession show that a Chinese researcher in Beijing uploaded a nearly complete sequence of the virus’s structure to a US government-operated database on December 28, 2019. At the time, Chinese authorities were still publicly describing the outbreak as Wuhan, China. , as a viral pneumonia “of unknown cause” and had not yet closed the infamous Huanan market, site of one of the first Covid-19 outbreaks. Could things have been different if the world had known about this virus sooner?

Source: IL Tempo