The Pope received a delegation from the Communist Party of Vietnam during an audience

Pope Francis received a delegation from the Communist Party of Vietnam during an audience on Thursday morning, the Holy See news agency reported.

No further details about this target group have been provided. It is known that as a result of the agreement signed on July 27 last year, the Holy Father appointed Archbishop on December 23 last year. Marek Solczyński as its permanent representative, residing in Vietnam.

In December, the country’s president, Võ Văn Thưởng, issued an official invitation to visit Vietnam. If Francis agrees, he will be the first pope to visit this Asian country.

In turn, the Pope gave an audience to the Association for Dialogue between Marxists and Christianity in early January.

Policies that truly serve people cannot be dictated by finance and market mechanisms, the pope said during an audience for members of the DIALOP Association, Vatican News PL reported. As KAI reported: ““The above-mentioned association is committed to promoting dialogue between socialist-Marxist circles and Christianity, and strives to develop a social ethics based on Christian social teaching, Marxist critical theory and feminism.”.

“Don’t Go Back”

Meeting with the members of this association in the morning, Francis encouraged them to persevere in their efforts. – Today, in a world divided by wars and polarizations, we risk losing the ability to dream. But we Argentinians say: don’t argue, don’t give up. And this is the invitation I also extend to you: don’t retreat, don’t give up, don’t stop dreaming of a better world, the Pope said.

He also encouraged the members of the DIALOP Association to be able to break patterns, care for the weakest and promote the rule of law. He stressed that in times marked by conflict and division, we should not lose sight of what can still be done to reverse the course of events. While we oppose a rigorous approach that divides, let us cultivate confrontation and listen with an open heart, without excluding anyone, at political, social and religious levels, so that the contribution of everyone, in their specificity, is positive can be welcomed in the processes of changes that concern our future.

Speaking about the weakest, Francis emphasized that solidarity is not only a virtue but also a requirement of justice. It is necessary to correct the distortions of unjust systems, including by radically changing the perspective on sharing challenges and resources among people and nations. – Let us not forget that great dictatorships, such as Nazism, rejected the weak and murdered them – and civilization is recognized by the way it treats the weak, Francis added.

The DIALOP Association has been around for almost 10 years. Its origins lie in the pope’s meeting with two left-wing politicians, Alexis Tsipras of Greece and Walter Baier of Austria, in 2014. Francis was then believed to encourage them to promote dialogue between their communities and Christianity. According to Baier, this dialogue is possible thanks to the changes introduced by Francis. They brought the Pope and the part of the Church that follows him closer to the position of the left, which tries to emphasize common collective values ​​– believes the founder of the DIALOP Association.

Source: Do Rzeczy