“We’ve been nice for too long.” In Brussels they plan a “tough match” against Hungary

There are announcements from Brussels that they will play a “tough match” against Hungary and Viktor Orbán. Aid to Ukraine in the background.

The European Parliament has drawn up a resolution calling, among other things, for Hungary’s vote in the EU Council to be taken away. Most political groups in the European Parliament want to investigate the European Commission’s decision to release EU funds for Hungary, followed by a lawsuit in the CJEU and a possible request for Budapest’s voting rights in the EU Council to withdraw for alleged violations of the rule of law.

On December 13, the EC announced the release of 10.2 million euros for Hungary. This happened on the eve of the EU summit on aid to Ukraine – according to many, in the hope of changing the approach of Viktor Orbán’s government on this issue. This decision caused a wave of criticism, with some EU decision-makers accusing the European Commission of giving in to Hungary’s blackmail.

EU diplomats are furious

It is Budapest’s attitude towards aid to Ukraine that angers Brussels diplomats. – We have been nice for too long, we have to play hardball with Orbán – says a high-ranking diplomat from one of the EU countries in an interview with ‘Rzeczpospolita’. As we read, “diplomats are irritated because Orbán has been blocking financial support to Ukraine for an amount of 50 billion euros in the amendment to the multi-year EU budget for 2021-2027 for months.”

– This is getting serious. Ukrainians tell us they still have money for salaries in February, but won’t have enough in March, another EU official reports. “Rz” recalls that Brussels presented a proposal for a permanent four-year package, while increasing the EU’s long-term budget until 2027. Hungary said no. Prime Minister Orbán indicates that he may agree to 50 billion euros, but on the condition that the package is confirmed every year by unanimous votes.

Due to the discrepancies, an emergency meeting of leaders was called for February 1.

They do not want to strengthen Orban as a symbol

At the same time, there are doubts about punishing Hungary by depriving the country of its voting rights. – Orbán is not only the Prime Minister of Hungary. Over the years he has become an icon of populists across Europe, says a diplomat. “The sanctions could therefore be counterproductive and strengthen support for anti-system parties, which would certainly speak of an attack by Brussels on the democratic Hungarian government. And no one wants this before the European Parliament elections in June,” we read.

Therefore, Brussels must now agree to negotiate with Budapest on any future decisions on aid to Kiev.

Source: Do Rzeczy