“The Russians are one step away from a breakthrough.” The Ukrainians cannot deal with the latest weapons of their opponents

According to Ukrainian media, the Russians are one step away from a technological breakthrough. Ukrainian electronic warfare assets cannot deal with the latest drones at their adversaries’ disposal.

Maria Berlinska, head of the Air Intelligence Support Center, noted that the Russians already use automatic guidance in FPV drones.

– The role of the operator is then reduced to a minimum. It’s not artificial intelligence yet, it’s computer vision. This is automatic target acquisition, which means that the camera becomes increasingly autonomous. Traditional means of electronic warfare, with which we have not yet saturated the front, are becoming ineffective, she said.

Problems of the Ukrainians

She noted that a serious challenge for Ukraine will be the introduction of mass production of such drones by the Russians, because in this case simply increasing the number of drones that will fight against them will not solve the situation.

– It’s a matter of quality. Things are different when the operator goes out with this FPV drone [na linię frontu – przyp. red.], everything is done in manual mode, such operators are constantly covered by fire. It’s a completely different story when the operator presses the button and the drone or the entire swarm goes hunting. The machines will have an algorithm: the first 5 km are our troops, and after that all moving objects must be smashed and destroyed, Berlinska concluded.

New Russian drones

On January 9, Ukrainian military official Serhiy Beskrestnov reported that Ukrainian air defense forces had shot down for the first time a Shahed-238 drone equipped with a Chinese jet engine. It happened somewhere in the middle of the country. It was claimed that the drone was flying at a speed of more than 500 km/h.

– I didn’t think they would appear in our country so quickly. Recently, Iran showed them for the first time at an exhibition, a Ukrainian military official said.

The Ukrainian Air Force noted that such a drone is a more difficult target to detect due to its jet engine, different radar guidance and black color.

Source: Do Rzeczy