Scandal in the Ukrainian army. The soldiers were given spoiled food

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense announced that it had inspected the warehouses of some military units in the east of the country.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said it had taken action following soldiers’ complaints about food quality. The inspection showed that the food did not meet the required standards.

There were, among other things: photos of rotten bananas that were to be given to the frontline soldiers.

– We are responding to complaints from the military and that is why we came on an unscheduled visit to the units. We repair everything. The inspection found that the food was delivered on time, but the quality did not meet standards, said Vitaly Polovenko, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

The ministry has announced that financial penalties will be imposed on all companies found to have irregularities. If spoiled food rations are discovered, the ministry will demand reimbursement.

Corruption in Ukraine. A devastating poll for Zelensky

The vast majority of Ukrainians believe that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is directly responsible for corruption in the government and military administration. Only 18 percent of respondents disagreed with this statement.

This is evident from a study by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation. Ilki Kucherivy together with the Kiev International Institute of Sociology, 78 percent. respondents believe that President Zelensky is directly responsible for corruption within the Ukrainian government and military administration.

According to the regional distribution, the results were as follows: in the west of the country, 79.1 percent agreed with this statement. respondents, in the center – 75.9%, in the south – 76.1%, and in the east – 80.1%.

President Zelensky is trying to convince Ukrainians that the fight against corruption is one of his government’s priorities, despite the ongoing war. The politician announced that he would introduce a bill that would make the penalties for corruption equal to those for treason during martial law.

Source: Do Rzeczy