Putin threatens the Baltic countries. The defense system comes into play: “Anti-mobility structures”

Almost two years after the outbreak of the war that brought the heart of Europe to its knees, Ukraine is asking its allies for more weapons: “At this stage of the war, the problem is that the number of weapons, drones, grenades or artillery shots”, said Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak in an interview with Bild, convinced of the need to reinforce defenses as much as possible with high-tech weapons. Investments in military production are necessary, he insisted, citing “long-range missiles, drones, grenades or artillery ammunition” and insisting on a “large number of weapons”. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is apparently creating the conditions for a destabilization of the Baltic States with the aim of weakening NATO, without losing sight of the possibility of a real invasion.

The Moscow czar accuses the Baltic countries of wanting to isolate ethnic Russian citizens and speaks of “illegal deportations”. “Current events in the Baltic countries, including the expulsion of Russians from Latvia, affect the security of our country,” he said at a meeting with representatives of Russian municipalities. In response to these statements, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania agreed to equip their borders with Russia and Belarus with “defense facilities” to counter any military threats from Moscow. This new deterrence system was announced by the Estonian Ministry of Defense. “Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will build anti-mobility defensive structures in the coming years to deter and, if necessary, defend against military threats,” the press release says.

Source: IL Tempo