Sadek Omidzadeh, head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps intelligence service, is said to have been killed in an attack on Syrian territory.

Israel bombed targets in the Syrian capital Damascus. Iran’s Mehr news agency reported that two very senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officers were killed in the attack. Intelligence chief Sadek Omidzadeh and his deputy Haj Reulam were killed.

The target was a building in the heavily guarded Mazzeh district in the western part of the Syrian capital. According to the agency, leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, part of the Iranian armed forces, live there.

This is not the first time that the target of an attack was a meeting that took place in the Syrian capital with the participation of high-ranking representatives of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, as well as Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Het Iraanse korps heeft een verklaring uitgegeven waarin de reden voor de aanval wordt aangekondigd. “In response to the Zionist regime’s recent atrocities, which resulted in the deaths of the commanders of the Corps and the Axis of the Resistance, one of the main Mossad spy headquarters in the Iraqi Kurdistan region was destroyed by ballistic missiles,” read we. in a statement quoted by Reuters.

Source: Do Rzeczy