Israel, families of hostages invade Parliament. “Netanyahu resigns”

Dozens of family members of Israeli citizens held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip today interrupted a meeting of the Finance Committee of Parliament, the Knesset, in Jerusalem. During the blitz, of which local newspaper websites re-released videos and testimonies, some protesters shouted: “You are not going to sit here while they die.” Relatives of the hostages interrupted the session demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the call for new elections. According to the Tel Aviv government, more than 130 people are still missing after Hamas attacks in southern Israel on October 7, and are probably being held prisoner in Gaza.

“Today’s anger and turmoil in the Knesset committees could have been avoided. Yesterday, the families of the hostages sent a letter to the Knesset Secretariat and the government: ‘We, the families of the hostages in Gaza, implore you today, do not worry about anything else that is not related to the return of the hostages. Don’t abandon the hostages who are executed every day.’ Having received no response, the families of the hostages appeared at the Knesset today to protest this inaction. We hope that the elected representatives will not deal with any other issue than the return of the hostages, whose time is running out. All other issues can wait, but the hostages do not have time to wait”, is the explanation of what happened provided by the Forum of the families of hostages detained by Hamas.

Source: IL Tempo