Warning of cases of murders and gunshots against women in Atlántico

The death of Limcy Zulmira De Moya Villanueva has now left five women murdered and another four injured by gunfire, including a six-year-old girl, so far this month of January 2024 in the Atlantic Ocean, a situation that has alerted local authorities and organizations against gender violence.

It should be recalled that Limcy Zulmira, 39, was walking accompanied by acquaintances, after leaving a carnival party, when she was approached by a criminal who swore at her and almost immediately shot her in the head, killing her instantly robbed of his life.

Although the woman’s companions told the officers of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police who came to handle the case that everything was the result of an “altercation”, behind this criminal attack was a story of jealousy towards the alleged couple. Mastermind Josué Castro Vélez, alias ‘Mono Cachete’, an alleged hitman for ‘los Costeños’ and who has been in prison since October last year for a double murder in the Carrizal neighborhood, in the south of the city.

Although the version of femicide is hardly the subject of investigation by the Atlantic Division of the Public Prosecution Service, this could be the first case associated with this type of crimes where the intellectual and material authors are punished with the highest prison sentences that it criminal justice system. justice of the land.

The Observatory for Violence against Women and the NGO Teknos Foundation, a network of women against violence in the Atlantic, indicated in a recent report that the ministry ended 2023 with the murder of 43 women: 39 classified as murder and 4 as femicide.

Regarding homicides, according to the Observatory, Barranquilla was the most affected city with 18 cases, followed by the municipality of Soledad with 13 and Malambo with 6 incidents.

As for the femicides, two took place in the city of Barranquilla, one in the municipality of Galapa and one in the municipality of Ponedera.

The first femicide was registered on January 5 in the municipality of Galapa, and the victim responded to the name of Karen Lizbeth Guerra Hernández, who was murdered by her romantic partner and buried on the patio of her house.

The second femicide took place in the Alameda del Río sector, where a woman answering the name Diana Carolina Tafur was attacked by her romantic partner until she died. This matter was unknown to the media and was announced in the Observatory’s statement.

The third femicide was registered in the town of Santa Rita, in Ponedera, where a young woman answering the name Panyanis Martínez Fontalvo was attacked with a knife by her husband in her home.

And the latest femicide occurred in the month of December in the La Sierrita neighborhood, south of Barranquilla, where a woman, identified as Dulce María Rodríguez, was murdered with a knife by her romantic partner.

Source: El heraldo