Israel-Hamas, a window opens for hostages: the latest news from Gaza

Hamas representatives reportedly said they were available with international mediators to discuss a deal on the release of some of the Israeli hostages – civilians, women and children – in exchange for a “significant” pause in the fighting. This was reported by Egyptian authorities cited by the Wall Street Journal. The group previously – highlights the WSJ – had rejected any proposal that did not imply a permanent ceasefire: the announcement marks a significant change on the part of Hamas, which for weeks insisted on the fact that it would negotiate the hostages only within the framework of a global agreement that would lead to the permanent cessation of the war.

However, a high-level Israeli source denied reports of possible progress towards a deal to release other hostages in exchange for a ceasefire in Gaza. “Reports on progress in negotiations are not correct,” the source told Jewish media, the Times of Israel reported. «There are very big gaps and there is no progress in the negotiations. It’s very complicated, Hamas is constantly hardening its positions. Nobody be fooled, it will take a long time”, words about negotiating the war in Gaza.

Source: IL Tempo