Trump proposes an “iron dome” over the United States, but analysts warn

Historic double in the Republican primaries for Donald Trump, who also wins in New Hampshire: for him more than 50% of the votes that put him one step away from being nominated for the White House. He is the first non-incumbent Republican candidate in the modern era to win Iowa and the Granite State. But the gap with her only remaining rival, Nikki Haley, is lower than the roughly 20% from yesterday’s polls, although still in double digits: 54.6% to 43.6%, with 82% of the votes counted. And while we talk about the triumph of the former occupant of the White House, attention also falls on the words that the tycoon spoke at a rally in New Hampshire last Sunday.

“I will prevent the outbreak of World War III,” he declared. As? By building “an Iron Dome over our country, a state-of-the-art anti-missile shield and will be completely manufactured in the USA”, explained Donald Trump. It is not the first time that this hypothesis has found space among the former US president’s ideas. “For me it’s really very important. We give billions of dollars to other countries so they can build a summit, but we don’t have one. We’re going to have the biggest summit ever,” he said in Iowa a month ago, referring to the system which protects Israel, especially from Hamas rockets.

Analysts, however, believe that the defense system that protects the state of Tel Aviv is perfect for the small size of that country. As we read in an article in Il Giornale, “Israeli Iron Dome batteries intercept rockets launched no more than 43 miles away and each is capable of defending an area of ​​up to 60 square miles, approximately the territorial extent of Washington.” A.D”.

Source: IL Tempo