“Pecho e’ paloma committed an attack in the presence of the victim’s sister and friend”

Sady Stiwar Garcés Domínguez, alias Pecho e’ paloma, the 21-year-old suspect prosecuted for the murder of José Antonio Fontanilla Márquez, was sent to the El Bosque District Prison by order of the Tenth Municipal Criminal Court with guarantee control functions. Ratica, at events that took place last Saturday, January 13, in the Ferrybuurt.

During preliminary hearings, conducted by the 11th Prosecutor for Early Warning and Murders, Adolfo Niebles, details of the attack committed by Garcés Domínguez were revealed, including those commented by witnesses, residents of Carrera 7B and Calle 6, who saw a person ‘of small stature ‘ shoots at the humanity of Fontanilla Máquez, a man with a disability.

In the middle of the indictment, the prosecutor also specified that Pecho e’ paloma “committed an attack in the presence of the victim’s sister and girlfriend,” and then fled in a motorized vehicle.

“The events took place on the indicated date and time, 7.42am, when the victim was walking through the area in the company of his sister and his girlfriend. Every time the victim had a disability of 50% of his body, which made him tired while walking, they stopped to rest. There, the suspect arrives in the company of another person on a motorcycle, they pull out a firearm, activate it repeatedly, causing the victim multiple injuries to his humanity, injuries that undoubtedly resulted in death,” Prosecutor Niebles said in his compilation of evidence for the case. murder.

The judge then asked the detainee whether he accepted the charge of aggravated murder and the manufacture, trafficking and possession of firearms or ammunition, under conditions of punitive aggravation, of which the Public Prosecution accused him, but he did not accept it.

These media learned that the defendant is said to be part of the ‘Los Pepes’ structure and that the murder is said to have been committed due to problems related to the management of micro-trade in the area in question.

Source: El heraldo