Man bludgeons his neighbor to death for alleged obscene acts

In the Bendión de Dios neighborhood, in the Norte-Centro Historico town of Barranquilla, most neighbors are talking about the brutal attack of which Eduardo de Jesús Feliciano Cordero, 39 years old, was the victim while he was in Calle 4 with Carrera 49, on the morning of this Tuesday, January 23.

As a result of this attack, allegedly committed by a neighbor, Eduardo de Jesús lost his life hours later while being treated at the Barranquilla General Hospital.

On Wednesday, January 24, relatives of the victim, stationed in the Forensic Medicine, stated that the assault apparently occurred after a neighbor surprised Eduardo de Jesús while looking through the patio of his house at his wife who was bathing naked.

The aggressor, the woman’s partner, left the building with a plank and hit Eduardo de Jesús several times until leaving him almost unconscious and lying on the ground.

This person was identified by the police as Néstor José Matos, 25 years old and of Venezuelan nationality.

The subject was left at the disposal of the Public Prosecution Service.

Source: El heraldo