Middle East, Antonio Tajani’s plan: “We have to convince him”

«We must convince Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayahu and the government of Israel that the 2 peoples 2 states solution is the only one useful for Israel, the best possible for Israel to have the guarantee and recognition by all of its right to exist without suffering threats.” The statement was made by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, responding to some questions from followers on Instagram.

«We must continue to talk, talk, talk to try to convince the contenders to come together, to discuss and to have a common solution. Again, it’s not easy at all. We must not be superficial and believe that results can be achieved quickly. But you have to be determined. Italy – he emphasizes – is determined, it will work together with the EU countries. Italy has the honor and burden of leading the G7. Even through the G7 we will insist that a 2-person, 2-state solution can be achieved to bring peace to the Israeli and Palestinian people.” This week, notes the deputy prime minister, “we are remembering the tragedy of the Holocaust, I will be at Yad Vashem to remember Italy’s commitment against anti-Semitism. We must defend our values ​​and civil coexistence and convince everyone that the only possible path is that of dialogue and peace”, highlights Tajani.

Source: IL Tempo