Young tourist dies from immersion in Pradomar, Puerto Colombia

On Wednesday, January 24, a rescue and rescue emergency was reported at Playa Fogata, in the beach sector of Pradomar, in Puerto Colombia, when a group of young swimmers called for help amid high waves.

According to the Risk Management Office report, a group of young people who were in the sector did not comply with the lifeguards’ orders to leave the sea around 4 p.m., the time when the sea closes. swimmers go to the beaches because of the high waves.

After ignoring them, after an hour the young people started asking for help from the rescue group who activated the rescue protocol and managed to rescue alive two of the young people who were transferred to the building’s hospital for subsequent check-up and care.

However, the third of the young people could not be saved in time. Lifeguards had to abandon search efforts due to high waves and beach conditions after searching for them for a few hours, and were eventually reactivated early Thursday.

Finally, the Disaster Risk Management Office, Civil Defense and the Rescue and Rescue Police team announced the discovery of the lifeless body in the Mangle sector.

It should be noted that this is the first case of death by immersion recorded in Puerto Colombia so far this year.

Source: El heraldo