Shocking statement of the minister: “He who dies of hunger is a fool”

In Uganda, Oryem is stormed by Secretary of State Henry Okello, who calls people starving in his country “stupid.” The BBC reports this and reminds that hunger and related diseases in the northeast of the African country led to more than 2,200 victims in 2022, according to the report of the Uganda Human Rights Commission.

However, Oryem argued that people should be able to afford their own food, given the favorable climate and fertile soil. “Only a fool, a real fool, can starve to death in Uganda,” the foreign minister told local television channel NTV Uganda. “There is land in Uganda if you work hard. The climate is suitable despite climate change,” he added.

Among the attacks that followed these remarks was that of Ugandan writer and journalist Charles Onyango-Obbo, who said the minister did not understand that “hunger in a country like Uganda is a distribution/market problem.”

Food shortages in the northeast have killed scores of people, as well as causing nearly half a million people to suffer “acute hunger”, according to a Uganda Commission report. The African country is facing an increasingly severe crisis due to climate change.

Source: Today IT