Michel suddenly changes his plans. “He faced increasing pressure.”

European Council President Charles Michel has decided that he will not participate in this year’s European Parliament elections.

At the beginning of January, Charles Michel announced that he would stand as a candidate for the European Parliament elections and would therefore resign as head of the European Council.

If Michel is elected to the European Parliament, Viktor Orban could become temporary President of the European Council from mid-July as Hungary will lead the work of the European Union in the second half of this year. “Michel’s decision puts pressure on European leaders, who will have to quickly agree on his successor. If they do not, the position of head of the European Council will temporarily be given to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as Hungary takes charge of his successor. presidency of the European Council from July to December” – wrote the website Politico.

Michel changes his mind after a wave of criticism

“I will not be a candidate in the European elections, I will devote all my strength to my current tasks with unwavering determination until the end,” Charles Michel said in a statement on Friday. “Personal attacks increasingly appear before factual arguments,” he noted.

“Europe has always held a special place in my heart. I have served our European project with passion and conviction for almost ten years, first as Prime Minister of Belgium and later in my current position. That is why it seemed natural to me, just like any other leader who still wants to serve his country, so that his candidacy will be an opportunity to promote and defend the European project,” said the President of the European Council.

Two officials familiar with the decision told Politico that Michel was “under increasing pressure to change his mind” after announcing he would run for the European Parliament.

“Michel’s surprise decision to stand as a candidate in June’s European Parliament elections, which would mean leaving his post months before the end of the term, sparked angry reactions from EU officials, European diplomats and members of the European Parliament. Officials interpreted his surprise announcement as a signal that he attached more importance to his political future than to his current role as head of the European Council,” we read.

Source: Do Rzeczy