They discover a counterfeit liquor factory in the municipality of Baranoa

An operation by the Sijín Criminal Investigation Department, carried out in the municipality of Baranoa, managed to dismantle a factory apparently processing and distributing large quantities of adulterated liquor.

The space was installed in a house in the Santa Elena district, in the city in the center of the department, out of sight of the authorities.

During the search and seizure procedure, Sijín uniformed officers managed to seize 124 bottles of liquor, 38 bottles of cognac, 200 bottles of whiskey, 10,240 fake liquor labels, 1,800 lids for liquor bottles, 7 barrels full of alcohol, 852 bottles of various types of liquor to take. brands and sizes of empty drinks.

According to the authorities, this material was ready to be sold at the Baranoa guacherna night, which was to be brought forward last night.

Source: El heraldo