Russian plane, “only 5 bodies found”. And a video of “Ukrainian prisoners” appears

It is an information war over the disaster of the Russian Ilyushin Il-76 plane. He was transporting 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war to Moscow for an exchange and was shot down by Ukrainian air defenses. Vladimir Putin attacking Kiev also spoke about this. For the Ukrainians, however, there were weapons systems on board. Russia opposed an international investigation and yesterday the first evidence was leaked that the Russian investigation is headed, as is easy to predict, towards the runway of the plane full of prisoners shot down by mistake by the Ukrainians. Reconstruction rejected by Kiev. According to Ukraine, “only five corpses were found in Belgorod, in the place where the Russian Ilyushin fell on Wednesday”, reports Avvenire, which cites the statements of a Ukrainian military intelligence officer to CNN.

Supposed documents and propaganda overlap, as often happened in this war. The Russian Investigative Committee released a video showing vehicles approaching a plane, saying they were “Ukrainian prisoners of war boarding the IL-76 plane that crashed in the Belgorod region after a terrorist attack.” However, the images cannot be dated and there is no evidence that they relate to this flight or, if they exist, to these prisoners.

Yesterday, supposed lists of passengers from the flight, 65 soldiers, including many from the Azov battalion, were published on Telegram and social media. List not confirmed by Putin’s spokesman, Peskow, and contested by many Ukrainian observers who found on the list names of prisoners already exchanged with Moscow and already returned to their homeland.

Source: IL Tempo