The million-dollar lawsuit ends badly for Trump: how much will he have to pay for defamation

Donald Trump will have to compensate writer Jean Carroll with 83.3 million dollars for having defamed her, defining as lies the accusations of rape that the woman had publicly made against the tycoon. The decision was made by Manhattan court jurors, who said Trump’s accusations “caused nominal harm.” 18.3 million in compensation are added to the 65 million dollars that the former US president will have to pay in compensation, bringing the total to be paid to 83.3 million. Trump was found guilty of defaming the writer, who publicly accused him of raping her in the locker room of a Manhattan warehouse. The episode dates back to the 1990s. Trump first said he didn’t know her, then accused her of seeking publicity to sell her book. “Ridiculous verdict, it’s a witch hunt”, attacks the tycoon who will appeal.

Source: IL Tempo