War in Ukraine, “without reconquest of territories”. The truth about the US counteroffensive

New developments on the war in Ukraine. The administration led by Joe Biden is working on a long-term strategy to support Ukraine, despite the funding impasse in Congress, with funds withheld due to internal friction between Democrats and Republicans. But the plans, according to the Washington Post, which cites anonymous US officials, do not envisage the reconquest of territories lost for the benefit of Russia after the February 2022 invasion, but rather will aim to help Kiev repel further Russian advances. . , strengthening its combat and economic capacity by 2024.

The objectives are, in particular, to support short-term military operations and create a future Ukrainian military force to deter Russian aggression. The strategy includes programs to rebuild and expand Ukraine’s industrial base and exports and to help the country with political reforms necessary for integration into Western institutions. The reconquest of all the territory lost almost two years ago seems increasingly like a mirage for Volodymyr Zelensky and his men, despite the counteroffensive launched in recent months.

Source: IL Tempo