Former Idea presidents condemn Machado’s “unconstitutional” inability

The twenty plus former presidents of Grupo Ideaincluding those from Colombia Iván Duque, Andrés Pastrana And Alvaro Uribe They strongly rejected the decisionThe Supreme Court of Venezuela to confirm the disqualification for 15 years Maria Corina Machadothe leader of the opposition in that country.

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In a letter, the former leaders stated that a complaint had been filed with the international community over the “clear violation of the Barbados Agreements by dictator Maduro by not allowing free and fair elections in the sister country.

The letter states that the inability of Machado took place “without there being any prior or substantiated cause or record, without having exercised any function of government or management of public goods, much less that a final criminal conviction had been imposed as required by the Constitution and international jurisprudence on human rights”.

The former presidents remembered that Maria Korina “In accordance with the rules of democracy, she remains the legitimate representative of the opposition in Venezuela and its presidential candidate before the international community who respects the democratic and constitutional state and the law and who was favored in the primaries by a majority determining factor of the Venezuelans”.

They pointed out that this decision confirms Nicolás Maduro’s disregard for the foundations of democracy. “That the indicated actions of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro Moros, through a Supreme Court whose leadership has recently been entrusted to a member of the official party, a former councilor, without legal practice or judicial career and even less academic, proves its repeated contempt for the essential elements and fundamental components of democracy, as enshrined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter,” they said.

Finally they called the European Union to ensure Venezuela’s “return to the democratic path.”

Source: El heraldo