They won’t leave Trump alone. He must pay the writer an astronomical compensation

A federal jury in Manhattan, New York, decided that Donald Trump had to pay $83.3 million to writer E. Jean Carroll.

The alleged rape that became the subject of the proceedings is said to have occurred in 1995 or 1996. The woman doesn’t remember exactly. She claims the former US president destroyed her reputation as a credible journalist by denying that he raped her.

Trump described the verdict as absurdly ridiculous and announced he would appeal.

More than 80 million in compensation for EJ Carroll

The jury deliberated for 2 hours and 45 minutes on Friday. According to her verdict, the Republican politician must pay damages to Carroll. $11 million to fund a campaign to rebuild her reputation and $7.3 million for the “emotional damage” his public statements allegedly caused. In addition, Trump must pay $65 million in damages for malicious conduct during his testimony about Carroll.

CNN last May, a separate jury in Manhattan awarded Carroll a total of $5 million in damages for a politician who hated the establishment. The court subsequently ruled that Trump did not rape Carroll but sexually assaulted her and defamed her in 2022 when he denied her allegations and discredited her.

How did the alleged assault take place?

In filing the lawsuit, Carroll alleged that the businessman assaulted her in a Manhattan department store. She and Trump reportedly bumped into each other while shopping. The politician then allegedly asked her for advice on buying underwear for another woman and jokingly encouraged her to model for him. While Carroll was in the locker room, the real estate mogul lunged at her, pinned her against a wall and attacked her. The woman claims she was able to push him away after a ‘colossal struggle’. At the time, she did not report the alleged incident to police because “she was in shock and did not want to consider herself a rape victim.”

Trump: This is pure fraud

Trump has repeatedly denied these allegations; Carroll first accused him of rape in 2019. On her social media platform Truth Social, the former president wrote that her story was a “complete hoax” and that the alleged rape “never happened.” Trump responded that she made up for the publicity.

Source: Do Rzeczy