Texas deploys military equipment. Some states are sending their troops despite Biden

Florida Governor DeSantis has expanded the Florida National Guard’s authority to deploy to Texas. Other states are also helping.

Illegal immigration is an increasingly serious problem for the southern states of the United States. The problems facing the massive influx of foreigners include: Arizona and Florida, but especially Texas. Governors there and their governments are trying to stop immigration, but are encountering resistance from Washington.

UNITED STATES. The State Guard will assist at the border with Mexico

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has agreed to deploy the Florida State Guard to the US-Mexico border. This means that Florida will also not follow Washington’s orders to withdraw the Guard from the border. A number of other states have already sent troops to Texas to support the state’s National Guard.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said military equipment has been deployed across Texas in recent days. National Guard troops from 10 states have arrived in Texas to assist with border security.

– Whatever others say, we have every right to protect our homes and our children – he emphasized.

Letter of support from 24 governors for Texas

DeSantis, as one of 24 Republican governors, also signed a letter of support to Texas Governor Greg Abbott regarding the installation of razor wire along the southern border, in violation of the court’s decision, but because of the “constitutional right to self defense’.

– The states are able to intervene and guarantee the sovereignty of their territory and the sovereignty of our country. It’s something that’s right. “This is something that the founders envisioned when you had lax executive authority in the federal government,” DeSantis said at a news conference in Osceola County.

DeSantis pointed out that President Biden does not have the same control over the State Guard as he does over the National Guard.

Problems with immigrants

DeSantis activated the National Guard last year in response to the influx of migrants to the Florida coast.

“As the negative consequences of Biden’s unlawful immigration policies continue, the burden of the Biden administration’s failures falls on the shoulders of local law enforcement officials who lack the resources to address the crisis,” he said in a statement at the time. press release.

“If Biden continues to ignore his legal obligations, we will step in to support our communities,” the governor said.

Working towards an agreement on migration policy

Meanwhile, U.S. senators are working on the final details of an immigration policy agreement. Information so far about the deal suggests it would limit the Biden administration’s use of the parole law, which provides temporary protection to migrants by allowing them to live and work in the country without visas .

Source: Do Rzeczy