Activists throw soup at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting

Two climate activists They threw cans of soup on it on Sunday ‘The Mona Lisa’ (16th century), the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci exposed in the Louvrewhose original canvas is protected by a glass plate installed in 2005.

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The two women, who were filmed during their action that lasted almost two minutes and claimed to be members of the group ‘Riposte Alimentaire’, threw the orange soup and quickly passed under the wooden barriers surrounding the painting.

“What’s more important? Art or the right to healthy and sustainable food? Our agricultural system is sick,” one of the activists shouted in French, raising her fist.

Quickly, employees of the Louvrethe most visited museum in the world, installed black panels to prevent the public from filming the scene.

The room where the masterpiece is located DaVinci (Salle des Etats) was evacuated to begin cleaning work.

‘The Mona Lisa’, considered the most famous canvas in the world and also known as the Mona Lisawas recently the subject of another symbolic attack when a pie was thrown at him in May 2022.

Sunday’s action coincides with the uprising by French farmers, who have blocked hundreds of kilometers of roads for days to demand better wages, fewer environmental regulations and more protectionism.

Source: El heraldo