At least 3 dead and 25 US soldiers injured in UAV attack: “It was carried out by pro-Iran militants”

Three US Army soldiers were killed and at least two dozen injured in an overnight drone attack on a small US outpost in Jordan dubbed “Tower 22”. The news was conveyed as follows: CNN he quotes army officials. These are the first American victims in the Middle East since the war between Israel and Hamas began.

Attack on US base in Jordan: “Drone launched by Iran-backed militants”

Officials mentioned CNN It is stated that the UAV was launched by Iranian-backed militants and probably came from Syria. US Central Command confirmed the news in a press release mentioning a drone strike “impacting a base in northeastern Jordan.”

As reported by CNNThis past weekend alone, there were more than 158 attacks against US and coalition forces in Iraq and Syria. However, attacks with drones, rockets and missiles are often described as “failed” due to the lack of negative consequences for soldiers and infrastructure. In this case, it is unclear why the attack was not blocked by US defenses.

The killing of the three Americans comes as the United States and Iraq are expected to soon begin talks on the future of the American military presence in the country.

Biden: “We will hold those responsible to account whenever and however we wish”

US President Joe Biden said about the three soldiers killed in a drone airstrike in Jordan: “While we are still gathering the facts about this attack, we know that it was carried out by Iran-backed radical militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.” against US forces stationed in the northeast of the country, near the Syrian border.

“Rest assured, we will hold those responsible accountable when and how we choose,” Biden said.

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