Activists poured soup on Da Vinci’s painting. “Food Counterattack”

Climate activists refuted Leonardo da Vinci’s work with pumpkin soup. They claim it is a way to draw the government’s attention to the problem of access to food.

Climate activists poured soup on the glass-protected painting ‘Mona Lisa’ in the Louvre in Paris. They called for the right to “healthy and sustainable food” to be guaranteed.

Leonardo da Vinci’s 16th century painting is one of the most famous works of art in the world. Louvre management said the work was behind protective glass and was not damaged. The incident took place around 10am. The museum said the Salle des Etats, where the works are on display, was evacuated and reopened to visitors at 11:30 a.m. after cleaning.

The footage shows two women wearing T-shirts with the words ‘food counterattack’ pouring soup onto the painting.

Then they stand in front of the painting and shout: – What is more important? Art or the right to healthy and sustainable food? Your agricultural system is sick. Our farmers die while working.

Manifesto of vandals

A group called “Riposte Alimentaire” (“food counterattack”) claimed responsibility for the action.

A statement published on X said the protest is part of efforts to “include food in the general social security system.” Activists claim the current food model “stigmatizes the poorest people and disrespects our fundamental right to food.” The group called for citizens to be given a ration card worth €150 per month, which can be used for food.

Rachida Dati, France’s culture minister, said there was “no reason” the Mona Lisa could be targeted. “Like our heritage, the painting belongs to future generations,” she said.

The Mona Lisa has been protected with special glass since the early 1950s, when it was destroyed by a man who poured acid on it. In 2019, the museum said it had installed a more transparent form of bulletproof glass to protect the painting.

Source: Do Rzeczy