“They took my motorcycle and cell phone and shot me twice”: former boxer Darys Pardo

The ex-boxer arrived at 10:30 PM and went looking for her romantic partner when, near the CAI on 4th Street, between the neighborhoods of Carrizal and Ciudadela 20 de Julio, she was approached by two armed individuals as she slowed down. to maneuver over a bump in the road.

“I was riding a motorcycle and getting ready to look for my partner, my wife, at work. At that point I tried to drive slowly over a hill and they caught me two men. One grabbed me by the neck and the other he pointed to my forehead, to give them the motorcycle. They took my motorcycle and mobile phone and shot me twice,” Darys told EL HERALDO.

The Barranquilla woman, surprised by the sudden scene, tried to do something, but it claimed criminals They responded quickly with a shot in his stomach and another in his leg right. “Are you going to get yourself killed?” they accused him just before they shot.

Source: El heraldo