Toyota damaged 50 thousand car mechanics in the USA: “Do not use it, there is a risk of death”

“Do not drive them, the problem could cause serious injury or death.” The famous Japanese car company Toyota has warned owners of some older models of its cars to immediately have them repaired free of charge due to a safety problem with airbags. As stated in the official correspondence, the warning concerns approximately 50 thousand vehicles in circulation in the USA. Models involved are the 2003-2004 Toyota Corolla, 2003-2004 Corolla Matrix and 2004-2005 Rav4.

At a press conference held in Tokyo yesterday, Monday, January 29, Toyota CEO Koji Sato bowed to journalists and apologized for various problems encountered in recent months (including the suspension of shipments of some models due to irregularities in vehicles). tests that confirm the power of diesel engines).

In cars that require urgent repair, the components that inflate the airbags produced by the Japanese company Takata may be defective and explode, causing serious injury or even death to the driver or passengers. In other words, this part of the vehicle can explode when the airbag is activated, especially after a traffic accident: The internal mechanism can explode and metal fragments pose a serious risk, given the proximity to the occupant of the vehicle. Therefore, the company appealed to the owners of the vehicles in question to immediately take them to the mechanic for the free repair offered by Toyota.

This is a problem that hasn’t just affected Toyota in recent years. This manufacturing defect in Japanese company Takata’s airbags actually caused the recall of several million cars from more than twenty automotive companies. Takata faced many lawsuits and was also officially investigated in the United States. He then filed for bankruptcy seven years ago.

Source: Today IT