Duchess Kate’s illness. The next investigation will be decisive

Further tests will determine whether Duchess Kate can resume her duties.

On January 17, shocking news from Great Britain reached the media. Unexpectedly, a disturbing message appeared on Kensington Palace’s social media about the wife of the heir to the throne: Duchess Kate. It was reported that she had undergone abdominal surgery at the hospital. A few days ago a new statement appeared on the Palace’s website. After almost two weeks, Duchess Kate left the hospital and returned home.

British media are now reporting that Kate Middleton is still undergoing tests, the results of which will determine when the Duchess can return to her role. In addition, some changes have appeared on the official website of the royal family.

Duchess Kate’s return is still uncertain. Further tests will be decisive

As reported by the Mirror portal, the wife of the heir to the throne of Great Britain is still undergoing additional tests. Their results will ultimately determine the date when Middleton returns to her duties as part of the royal family. The earliest planned date is the period after Easter.

Interestingly, Prince William also has a modified schedule so he can care for his wife and three children. It is believed that the future monarch will not resume his public appearances until his wife has fully recovered.

Changes to the official website of the royal family

Additionally, fans of the royal family have noticed numerous changes to the official royal website. A new main photo of Kate has been posted in her bio. There was a photo from her October visit to Cardiff, in which we see the Duchess smiling.

A ‘business photo’ of William’s wife was also added, replacing the previous main photo of the heir to the throne, which is now a photo taken during the prince’s speech at the coronation concert in May last year.

The substantive side of the explanation was also updated and expanded to include the latest activities of the royal couple.

Source: Do Rzeczy