8-year-old boy died after swallowing 10 magnets for social struggle

Another social media issue resulted in tragedy. An 8-year-old boy died after swallowing 10 magnetic balls to make a viral video. Little Rhys Millum died after ten 3mm spherical silver magnets placed in a 30mm long row inside his internal organs punctured his small intestine.

The boy had not told anyone that he had swallowed the tiny spheres ten days after arguing with his brother about increasing his follower count by performing ‘amazing’ acts on his social media profiles. But the “reality of what was inside” was revealed by a full CT scan just days after his life tragically ended, the coroner said. Police found video of a conversation between Rhys and his brother in which the pair discussed increasing their relationship. he stalks social media doing things that are “kind of reckless…like drinking hot sauce.” The video was recorded on September 19, 2022, ten days before Rhys fell ill, but the news has only now been made public.

According to the British tabloid newspaper daily mailRhys’s mother, Andrea Boyd, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, said she took her son to hospital when she noticed he was “doubled up screaming”. Rhys was treated by a nurse and given more painkillers and antipyretic medication. He appeared to be improving and was deemed fit for discharge after a doctor completed three physical examinations of his abdomen and additional observation periods. During the journey home, the woman brought him candy and sushi as a reward, but he vomited them again shortly after being laid down on the duvet-covered sofa. In the following days, the child did not want to eat anything and had difficulty drinking liquids.

He appeared to recover to watch television and play video games in between vomiting. However, one evening, while he was with his father, who was separated from his wife, he sat down on a chair, saying he “couldn’t see”, and soon lost consciousness. The man desperately tried to resuscitate his son and called an ambulance. Medics rushed him to intensive care. However, on arrival at the hospital he suffered a heart attack, was placed on life support, but despite frantic attempts to resuscitate him, he never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead that evening.

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Source: Today IT